THE WORLD CUP 2014 took place in THE FOOTBALL COUNTRY of the world. On paper the biggest dream coming true, but in reality not that dreamy at all. Brazil is a country with a lot of different worlds and it struggles with that fact. 

This diversity is a subject that has been studied, photographed and written about often. Most media focus on the crowd. The Other Seleção focusses on the individual and the different world within Brazil. To accomplish this I watched every match of Brazil with a different Brazilian to give an insight in their lives during the World Cup 2014. The stories have one thing in common; they show the power of the most played sport in the world: football. The sport connects and pulls people apart at the same time. The people Ipicked can be considered stereotypes. Stereotypes exist and most people label them good or bad quite quickly. Though these labels are often used without taking a closer look at the people and their context. In the end they are all human beings, most of them trying to make the best out of their lives with the chances they get. In a country like Brazil, these chances differ like day and night.

The World Cup is over, but the different worlds remain. Brazil gets back to reality after organising a month long event over the whole country. The conclusion of this happening being good or bad is for every individual to make. But hopefully The Other Seleção will give you an insight of what it looked like and still looks like for some of the inhabitants of Brazil.

With a very special thanks to Lectoraat Topsport en Onderwijs.