Prior to being a photographer I was trained and worked as an Urban Designer/Developer in Rio de Janeiro and the Netherlands. In both countries I saw that many of the social, economical and environmental issues taking place in our living environment were not seen or just seen in one perspective.

My choice to become an urban developer came from my interest in those subjects, but I ended up spending more time in an office then actually working in the field, while in my heart the field was where I wanted to be.

In 2013 I started Studio Steef Fleur as my company to cover my freelance work as an urban developer.  Around this time I picked up my camera for my first personal project TEAM too. Showing the faces of young football players who were among the thousands in Amsterdam that were considered “a problem” because five kids had kicked a referee to death. After this I was hooked and started to develop myself in photography. Mid 2014, shortly before I started my second personal project The Other Seleção, I decided to shift my work completely into photography.

As a photographer my interest lies in capturing those frictions in society and putting them in a different perspective. Currently I am working on my third project, Green Gold, that is the follow up of Humboldt, and tells the stories behind the culture of the cannabis plant worldwide.

Contact: | +31642934146



Upcoming: Humboldt - Green Gold USA (SOLO), Roest, Amsterdam

Upcoming: Warld Cup, Fábrica de Arte Cubano, Havana

Upcoming: Warld Cup, Festival Cinélatino Rencontres, Toulouse


Humboldt - Green Gold USA (SOLO), Radion, Amsterdam 


Warld Cup, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Buenos Aires

GUP - New Dutch Photography Talent, 5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam

The Other Seleção (SOLO), Lokatie Laurier, Amsterdam

Noites do Brazil, ADPOLG, Turin

Warld Cup, Parque das Ruinas, Rio de Janeiro    

Warld Cup, Museo do Mare, Rio de Janeiro    

The Other Seleção (SOLO), Livraria Travessa, Rio de Janeiro


TEAM (SOLO), Sporthallen Zuid, Amsterdam

 TEAM (SOLO), ASV Arsenal, Amsterdam